I heart book clubs!

Fancy Hat Literary Lunch

Jennie Blue (in orange) and friends at The Fancy Hat Literary Lunch
I have been fortunate to visit many lovely book clubs around the country, from Stockton, California to Amelia Island, Florida.

Memorial Day weekend 2013 I was guest at The Fancy Hat Literary Lunch, hosted by the extraordinary Jennie Blue in honor of her grandmother who loved hats and loved books. It was a lovely affair at the Ritz-Carleton on the island where Jennie's family has a long history.

Thirty or 40 of Jennie's friends and family came to the third annual lunch and were seated at tables differentiated by framed book covers, so I was at the "Amen Sisters" table. Every guest received a personalized goblet with Jennie's logo and their name on it! It was a top-notch event all the way. Jennie was a gracious and generous hostess (Having the caterer prepare a plate of hand-painted truffles for my birthday and gifting me with a beautiful crystal dish from Tiffany!).

To make my attendance a surprise for guests we arranged to Skype via phone and laptop. My picture was projected on a screen in the ballroom while I hid in a "green room" down the hall and pretended to be talking from my home in Denver. I then told the ladies that I had some beautiful flowers in bloom in my garden I wanted to show them and instead of taking them outdoors to my yard, I opened the door to the ballroom and announced that all of them in their colorful dresses and amazing hats were the beautiful flowers I had come to see.

The group had all read my second novel Children of the Waters and discussed it while I was there. Then they asked me some questions and I chatted a bit about the life of a writer and we went outside (beautiful grounds!) and took photos and I signed books.

It was big fun! But I must point out the real joy for me is knowing that there are book clubs all over this country willing to throw parties to celebrate books and readers! It is definitely balm for the writer's soul.

More pictures here and here.

Want me to visit your book club?

The Pillars Book Club came to Denver from Dallas to meet with me!
Want to talk via Skype? If it fits with my schedule, I'd be delighted to meet with your book club anywhere in the country! Just send me an email via my contact page.


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